Fabella is used as a tool at Stockholm University, In a course for game students in their third year. Focusing  on prototyping during the development of computer games. Fabella gives students the opportunity to easily prototype and design dialogue systems, which can save a lot of time and make dialogues with computer-controlled characters better.

Thomas Westin, Senior Lecturer Stockholm University

We teach STEM and Digital Literacy to middle and high school students with a no-code authoring program called Fabella.  Here is a press release on what we are doing.  We’d love to show you how easy it is, and how we make it easy for teachers to teach it.  Let’s set up a zoom. Robert@Wanderword.net

Fabella Creator by Wanderword is an interactive audio ‘no code’ authoring language that is simple enough to be learned by middle school students yet complex enough that it can teach coding at higher levels.

Fabella Creator, a world leader in self-development and education technology, today announced the rollout of a self-paced learning program throughout Washington State in the USA, the University of Stockholm, and NTI Charter Schools throughout Sweden.

“Gamification, teaching by playing games, is a huge improvement in learning theory”, stated Ms. Tammie Schrader, the leader of Washington State’s STEM initiatives.  Ms. Schrader has been lauded for her accomplishments in education by President Obama.

Fabella is a groundbreaking ‘no code’ authoring program for schools and individuals. The software is aimed at making interactive audio games and #voicefirst learning a fun and engaging but meaningful experience. Fabella audio learning modules also address accessibility issues because the learning can be voice driven.

Fabella games are also used in diversity, equity, and inclusion teaching and make social, emotional learning much easier for teachers to create lessons.

Top educational content from teachers and students will also be made widely available on our marketplace.

For more information please email Robert@Wanderword.net

Learn how to teach and use logical programming/visual scripting without any programming skills needed.  Learn how you and your students can create educational games like these:



Mathcaster (6-10 yrs)

tales of sasha

Tales of Sasha: (6-10 yrs)

All games produced by Fabella can become

Alexa Skills & Google Actions


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Sample Training Classes

In this two-hour workshop we will show you how to integrate creativity, logic thinking and visual scripting into your daily teaching routine using Fabella, the no-code authoring tool that created the games above. 

Too good to be true?…This video shows how simple Fabella is, for you, and for your students.

girl working on computer for fabella

Fabella – Your story starts here

(Click here to see video https://youtu.be/qCRQuns7DOI, or on the picture) The best part of all – no prior programming experience is required. You or your students can program stories, lessons, and quizzes and more. This is a tool for all, from children to adults with a passion to create interactive educational solutions. Create stories, quizzes, multiple choice read and answer questions, interactive cookbooks that can all be controlled with your voice (or touch).

In the first seminar we will explain Fabella, its possibilities, and how you can utilize it. We will also make sure each one of you will get hands-on experience with the tool to get a look and feel of how you can utilize visual scripting in your teaching.

Fabella is a no-code, drag and drop, visual scripting tool.



Follow-up Teaching

For the follow-up, we will focus on answering your questions and help you solve eventual problems that have occurred in your projects. We will also start a project which we will present to each other on the third occasion. You can choose to work on this project either as individuals, or as teams. Fabella features real time collaboration between multiple authors working on the same script.

Third Session

On the third occasion we will present our work to each other and share our experiences working with Fabella. We will also share our ideas on how to integrate this into the teaching routine. The best “Stories” will be set up as “Templates” for all to use. The “best” projects will also be eligible to be included in our catalog that will go state-wide.

We are looking forward to seeing you at this interactive and voice controlled creative webinar run by Wanderword/Fabella, the leader in voice-controlled interactions and education.