Fabella For Training & Education

By Robert M. Fletcher, ChE.

Product Manager for Fabella Training & Education:

Have you ever received a large invoice for training creation? Have you ever been held-up because the training and education couldn’t be created quickly enough?  Do you have an ever-increasing number of changes to the product or service and need an easy way to make changes? Do you need to track compliance? Do you need to deliver the training by web, mobile, or even voice assistants such as Alexa/Google? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Fabella can help you.


1. Fabella Creator is a SaaS delivered, no code, multi-lingual, multimedia authoring tool that is easy enough to use that administrative staff can build training modules in an hour. Fabella is also powerful enough to connect to external data sources such as ERPs or Google Sheets, or SAP, or Oracle, or any database. Fabella can have extensive branching logic built in. Fabella is also multi-lingual and can be delivered on any platform.

2. Our Professional Services Group can build your training modules for you and supplement your team.  We can then transfer knowledge to your team or continue to manage the modules.

Please watch this short video for an overview of Fabella, the authoring tool from Wanderword.

Our clients use Fabella for a myriad of Use Cases because of its ease of use and flexibility.

Drag & Drop Text into Fabella
To Turn it Into Audio for
Listening to the Training

Build training in multiple Languages

Create complex (or simple) branching logic.

Create Touch or Audio Response Quizzes

In conclusion, Fabella is a great enterprise tool for the creation of training and education.  We can build the training for you or teach your team how to use it themselves.

Generally, we are happy to do a Proof of Concept at no cost. Let us show you the ease of use and power of Fabella, particularly in a voice-first environment.

Thank you for your time.

Robert Fletcher, our Training and Education Product Manager and expert, has over twenty years building advanced training for companies such as Shell, Exxon, Philips, Pepsi, and other Fortune 1000 Global Companies.

Ps. We are big fans of microlearning educational theory: https://sites.google.com/view/microlearningforfaculty/step-1-define?authuser=0